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VERO is a company with over 10 years of history on the Bulgarian market. We have offices in Sofia and Stara Zagora and some of our employees are also abroad. Our vision for digitalization allows us to successfully connect our teams working remotely to achieve the goals we have set together. Close cooperation is a key element in the company’s philosophy and culture. It is these standards that we apply in the development of our digital products, which find solutions in any business environment. Our platforms and mobile applications are a powerful tool in the hands of any company, focused on optimizing its processes, their management and their desire for success!

Our advantages

  • Responsibility – we are responsible for our work and colleagues
  • Flexibility – We are not afraid of new things and technologies and we are always ready for them
  • Efficiency – We are efficient and reliable
  • Collectivity – We work, act and have fun together
  • Respect – We treat others the way we want them to treat us


The Processes are at the heart of any organization. They do not just describe how the tasks should be performed, but in what sequence, by whom and who is responsible for coordinating them. They are so important to your business that the way you define, visualize and manage them in practice determines how successful your company will be. With the digitalization of business processes, we offer solutions covering all aspects of Business Process Management in any company.

With our software solutions, we define processes, digitize, structure, manage and analyze them in order to optimize, reduce costs and increase the efficiency of companies. On the other hand, they give a transparent and quick view of the management teams on the activities in the company and determine the adequacy of the decisions. The greatest added value from the digital management of the company is received by the customers, because they receive a better quality product faster.

Our solutions also include solutions for document circulation. With them you can easily categorize different types of documents, define different levels of access to them and be available at any time quickly and conveniently. A digital document does not age unlike a paper one. According to a Gartner survey, on average, each employee loses 10% of their working time searching for documents. We can reduce this percentage to almost 0 (zero).

Our expertise covers every aspect of the virtual product – from consulting to integration of systems and personal software solutions.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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